Monday, April 18, 2011

Running Became My Passion

Namiss ko lang. Tagal na nung article nato. makapag-english lang!

Running is not easy but much easier as one would probably think. However, running casually is not only a great exercise to become fit but an incredible way to take your mind off work. Some people assume that you have to be young and very fit but let me tell you that with proper training, anybody can run a marathon. Many people who enjoy running casually many times start participating in marathons which are extremely rewarding.
It was only October last year during the practice run (held at Philsports Arena) when I remember making the decision to start running for fun and get in better shape, but I was afraid it would not last; I’m not the athletic type. My first run didn't do a lot to quash that concern, I only went about a couple meters and had to turn around to walk home, it just wasn't going to work. Thanks to a little encouragement from a friend of mine telling me, “Remember, you may not run marathons but you can still get out and run for fun”. Then I remember that it was not about competition but we’re running for a “cause”. Then the day came! My “never to be forgotten” actual running event of my life was held at The Fort which was sponsored by Botak Sports and the theme was “Run for Poverty”.
The marathon event was so overwhelmingly exciting, especially when we lined up and the much-awaited “Bang!” sounded off. Hopping mad and determined to win and beat my own record, I ran like my own feet were on fire. Every step I took, it felt like my lungs started to burn, my legs were aching. I crossed the line for the final lap; I rounded the turn and headed towards backstretch. I was dreaming I was on an Olympic Marathon and I could hear the people screaming their heads off. Half a lap to go, and into the final turn, it really felt like I was winning, a finisher! I could see the finish line! Suddenly, I realized I was way behind. They started to pass me. And I had nothing left to give. It was a tragic ending though, but very fulfilling! I loved that feeling!
After that event, a lot of things were never been the same again. There’s some soreness and tenderness in my muscle that haven’t hurt before, my legs felt strong when I climb the steps. Seeing someone with a shirt from a race, I have to restrain myself from going up to them and ask if he was a runner too; I want to talk about running to anyone who will listen; and you find yourself thinking about your upcoming running event. Somebody mentioned that they had seen me running, and I was so proud I got goosebumps.
I’m just a new runner, but there’s one thing I have learned from this experience……..that race is not about racing someone, but it’s about racing yourself. Run with purpose. Run with heart.